DIY Pallet Bed Frame Project

Since I moved to Vung Tau about a year ago, I haven’t had a bed frame. I’ve just been sleeping on a mattress on the floor, which is fine, but I really like having an elevated bed. So I’ve been thinking about making my own bed for awhile now out of pallets mainly because of pinterest. There’s just so many cool things on there, and it made me really want to try to make one.

Even though I’ve been wanting to do it for awhile, I never really took any steps to find pallets and what not, but recently, a friend of ours had come across 16 pallets and was selling them for 70k each. It seemed like a decent price and they we’re still in pretty good shape, so I guess it was time for me to finally start the bed frame project!

After looking through a bunch of designs, I saw this one on pinterest and decided to try it. It seemed simple enough… really all you had to do was just put the pallets on top of each other.

Marc and I got the pallets on Saturday, he was planning on making his own bed and use the leftover for some random projects in the house. Sunday is our day off, so it was a perfect day to try to get it done.

The first problem I ran into was the amount of wood on each pallet.

There were only 6 pieces per pallet, which wasn’t really enough to match the bed frame I wanted to make. If my mattress covered all the pallets, it wouldn’t be a problem, but I knew there was going to be some exposed wood and I didn’t want to wake up in the middle of the night and step in a hole between two pieces of wood. That meant I had to add some wood to the top layer. I decided that I would just take off all of the wood from the bottom layer and add 3 pieces to the top.

It actually took a pretty long time to take off all the wood. The nails were super long and they bent them into the back of the wood. So I had to use a screwdriver to first unbend all the nails. I ended up breaking a piece of wood and cracking a few others.

20160731-152028 20160731-152036

I just had to rearrange them to make them a little more even and distributed. I didn’t have any new nails, so I tried using the old ones. It was okay at first, but a lot of them kept bending again so luckily we had some spare screws.

20160731-184302 20160731-184238After all the nailing, I had to sand everything and apply a chemical to kill/repel any bugs or ants. The pallets seem to have been outside for a bit and there were a few critters inside. Once that was all done, the only thing left was to add a quick layer of varnish to the top. Mainly just to make it a little smoother and less dangerous to step on. I sanded it down, but there were still some bits of wood that might splinter off.

20160731-231740And we’re done! Just bring it into the room and stack them. I think I’ll might add some small boxes or drawers underneath but I think that’s good enough for now. I’m glad it only took one day, but I was kind of surprised how much work it actually was. Pinterest is deceiving…