Introducing my video blog, ‘Nguyening in Vietnam’

introducing my video blog! “Nguyening in Vietnam!”

i got english subtitles and viet subtitles for you all!

what’s up everyone! I’ve been wanting to do a video blog for awhile now to talk about my life in VN, but I just recently felt motivated enough to start.

i told myself before that I wouldn’t share or publish my videos until i finished 3 of them. if i couldn’t finish 3, then i would give up on the whole vlog idea. but today i finally finished editing my fourth video!

i think i’ll probably post a video once every two weeks.

so here’s my first video. i actually made this video over a month ago and when i watch it again, i feel a little ashamed. i thought about deleting actually, but my friend told me to share it anyways. so whatevs haha.

if you all have any ideas for me, just let me know!

help me out by sharing and liking. thanks!