Vung Tau Kite Festival 2016 [Video]

Ah! It’s been so long since I’ve written or did any blog related things. I’ve been pretty busy actually and also, I have no idea what I wanna blog about these days. But, last week, Vung Tau had their annual Kite Festival. Last year I didn’t go to anything because I didn’t know what was happening. But this year, we had a friend send us a schedule so we got to check it out.

Honestly, the kite festival is just kind of meh. This year, there wasn’t a lot of wind so a bunch of kites couldn’t really fly. And there isn’t much to do outside of looking at kites. I feel like we should try to do more events like kite making or getting to test out some of the competition kites. Next year, I’m probably gonna try to make a kite or something to have a little more fun.

This year, we went to the “Artistic Kite Flying night” (? not really sure about the translation). But check out the clip!