My 2-day coding journey


When I was in middle school, I took a class where I learned how to do some computer programming. I learned visual basics and some C++. From there, I learned how to make a few simple games too. It was all so interesting, and I loved figuring out how to solve all these little puzzles.

So when I was in high school, I remember learning html and some css on my own because of myspace, xanga, and asianavenue. I really wanted to go to college to learn how to computer program, but my dad told me the stuff changed too fast and that it would be too hard to keep a job. So, I gave it up.

Over 10 years later, I still seem to have a big interest in computers and tech and 2 days ago I started learning how to code on my own with freecodecamp.

Freecodecamp is a really cool site where you can learn Front End Development, Data Visualization, and Back End Development. If you get all three certifications, you then can go for your Full Stack Development Certification where you work with a few non-profits on open-source projects. It all seems really cool.

I’ve just finished the basic front end development projects, where I had to create a tribute page and a portfolio page.

Although I just started, I feel really good about the progress so far. According to the “Map,” this should have taken me about 65 hours, but I’ve probably put in less than 10. The two projects are estimated at 50 hours but to be honest, I kind of just rushed through it. I spent a little more time on my portfolio though, and even tried to use a little jquery. Now that I’m done with these two projects, I’m going to start on javascript!

So if you’re interested in learning to code, you all should check it out! So far all of the lessons are really quick, making it easy to just open up the site and do a little work in your spare time. We can even have a little study group =D.