Building a Slackbot 3: nodejs basics

As I mentioned in my last post, I started going through this nodejs tutorial. At first, I had no idea what nodejs and why people used it. I’m not going to pretend to really understand it, but I did learn that it lets you run javascript on your computer or a server. It also allows you access to a bunch of different kinds of functions and modules. With it, you can use JS to read and write files or interact with a database, which for my purposes of creating a slackbot is incredibly important.

I won’t talk about the details of the tutorial, but basically by the end of it you end up “making” a todo list app. And by “make” I really just mean you type along, which is fine because the guy actually does a pretty good and thorough job explaining things.

So with at least a superficial understanding of what’s possible, I should be able to use nodejs and pair it with a database (mongodb), which means for the slackbot I can have users save new words to the database and modify and export them as needed.

I think I went through the vids a little too fast though. My brain feels exhausted and I don’t really know how much I’ll end up retaining at this moment. I guess that’s what building out the bot will help me with =D.

Next step, go through this mongodb tutorial and hopefully understand how to host my own db and figure out how multiple users can interact with a database.

Until next time!