Building a Slackbot 4: oombaw is born!

Meet oombaw! The language slackbot =D

So last time I said I would start the mongodb tutorial, but I decided to skip that for now and get started with understanding how to implement a slack app/bot. There’s quite a few sites that help with this process. I started with botkit studio but hosting on glitch/heroku became a problem. Apparently, the bots like to go inactive and sometimes struggles to wake them up. Not really good for testing. Luckily, I stumbled across beepboop. It also helps you create slackbots but integrates easily with github and automatically rebuilds itself when changes are made to your code.

I spent most of the morning just exploring the code and trying to figure out how some things worked. While building the bot, I thought about the name oombaw. I’ve always thought animal sounds in different languages were funny and in Vietnamese, the sound a cow makes is described as “oom” “baw” (ụm bò). And so what better name would there be for a language bot that helps you translate words =D. I might end up changing it, but I like it for now haha.

Anyways, in terms of code progress, I didn’t actually do too much. I moved around some functions and worked on having the bot help you set up your language preferences. Check it out!

Eventually, I’ll have to link this info to a database so that when you want to translate something it can remember your preferences and translate it into your first language. #progressmade! =D