Building a Slackbot: Getting Started 1

Phase 1: Getting started

June 20, 2017: The idea!

I just got back to Vietnam a couple of days ago, and I still am feeling jetlagged. Before headed for the States, I joined a coding cohort on slack called Chingu. I’m a part of the Chingu-Walrus cohort, but really I didn’t do much of anything that whole. One of the projects that I was supposed to do was build a slackbot. But to be honest, the other person in my team and I both didn’t really have any good ideas so it kind of fell off. Fast forward to today, it was 2am when I woke up for the day (#jetlag) and had this idea I really wanted to do.

Recently, I’ve been thinking of trying to use slack for my English classes that I teach. I was inspired by this cohort idea and really wanted to try to get my students and other friends around the world into a (language) learners group. So my idea for the bot is to be an aid that helps the user facilitate their language learning. I want it to be able to:

  1. Activate when the user copies text
  2. Show the user the google translation of the word
  3. Prompt the user to save this word and translation
  4. Prompt the user to share the translation for confirmation or feedback
  5. Allow other users to provide feedback
  6. Allow the user to confirm and save feedback
  7. Allow the user to view recents and all words saved
  8. Allow the user to export as CSV for uploading to anki / any flashcard service

I’m really excited to have an idea that is directly applicable to the work and projects I already want to do. I guess good things can happen at after 2am (Ted knows nothing #HIMYM).