Initialization Nothing big hear. Just talking through having large bits of data initialized and not to be intimidated by it. Finding out what something is typeof: returns the type of something. arrays have problems here since it’s an object. here we could use something like to see if it’s […]

Understanding JS Notes 07 – Odds and Ends

Conceptual Aside – Classical vs Prototypal Inheritance Inheritance: One object gets access to the properties and methods of another object. Classical Inheritance: What’s currently best known and popular (C#/Java). It’s been done this way for a long time. Classical inheritance can be verbose Prototypal Inheritance: Is simple, flexible, extensible and […]

Understanding JS: Notes 05 (Object-Oriented Javascript and Prototypal Inheritance)

Computed member access operator aka []: person[‘firstname’] Member access operator aka dot . operator: person.firstname Object literals: using {} to define a new object (this is the preferred way rather than using new Object) Framework aside Namespace: a container for variables and functions, typically to keep variables and functions with […]

Understanding JS: Notes 4 (Objects and Functions)